It’s always upsetting to see people leave… Especially, when you live far away from home, your friends are your lifelines… your neighbours are your support systems and these are the only people you turn to, in times of happiness or grief.

There’s a cacophony on the floor… the neighbours who came six months back are leaving. I’ll miss the two-year-old who used to run in and out of our homes calling out bhaiya, didi, chechi… the kids running behind him, asking him to say, ‘Czechoslovakia’… Six months later, little Ashish leaves me with a lump in my throat and a little emptiness in my heart… singing ‘All is Well’ as he bids goodbye…

In another month, our long-standing neighbours will also leave… the kid who grew up with the brat from the age of three months… Our paths may cross since we have homes in the same city in India… but our lives will never be the same again! No more celebrating Onams , Vishus and birthdays together; no more combined studies, picnics… or lively conversations in the corridor…

It’s the Gulf, they say. People come and go…. New friendships are forged and old ones fade away. In my 12 years of expatriate life, I have said goodbye to many friends. Sometimes, the links remain… some links even grow stronger with the passage of time. Yet others remain only in memories.

When close friends leave, I vow never to make one again… But does the heart always listen to the mind… No… and that’s why the heart breaks again and again in the process.

It’s a vicious circle…


5 thoughts on “The heartbreak of leaving…

  1. “In another month, our long-standing neighbours will also leave”.

    I know a persons living in Sharjah, who is not aware of his immediate neighbours. His family is living in the same flat for the past 15 years.

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