# Homesick, terribly homesick. Especially after watching ‘India – Then, Now and Forever’ by Mallika Sarabhai. I felt like running away with the ‘nagaswaram’ player!

# Ever tried organising games for five-six-seven-eight-year-old kids? I volunteered at a picnic yesterday… And continue to beat myself for doing so! I realise I like kids only in their first year… when they have not yet learnt to talk! I still shudder at some of the swear words I heard…

# Remember the ‘looking 28’ neighbour who called me Aunty and asked for two lemons. Well, my nephew finally decided to say ‘Hi’ a couple of days ago and politely enquired where I was working. No aunty this time, thankfully! Someone must have pointed this blog to him 🙂

# Nursing a pain in the right hand for the last couple of days. Went for a check-up last night. The doc tested me like one would do for a heart-attack! That was scary! On the same note, I liked the hospital very much… it looked more like a swanky hotel!

# In tech news, my best friend got an iPhone for Valentine’s Day and it made national news. (more on that later)  I, on the other hand, received a single-stemmed rose and promise of a forever-happening laptop!

#  I’ve been hearing Dil Toh Bachcha Hai from Ishqiya so many times… that I fear a ‘disturbance and mental cruelty’ suit from my neighbours soon.

# The brat has final assessments from March 1. I’ve a lot of learning to do!


13 thoughts on “My life in the present… in bullet points!

  1. Very cute indeed. I really enjoy your blog. My stress buster. Keep writing. I noticed and that is why I called to ask why you didn’t post. so thank you

    1. yeah. it’s people like u… who enrich my life in so many ways 🙂 and if you like it… there’s no bigger appreciation than that! btw, can we start a mutual appreciation society?

  2. Kishor, you are a textbook for young learners like me…haha…I wonder what I will buy for my wife when I get married…mayb an iphone (4GS) by then?

    1. eda chekka. for inputs on kishor’s wonderful valentine’s day gift, comment on his blog. ok. to get married, one piece of advice, grow up first. how old are you? 18???? Hey! Hey! 🙂

  3. Have you read the following books.

    India is Slow motion by Mark Tully and Chasing the Monsoon by Alexander Frater. Both are Excellent work i have read both. If you haven’t read Chasing the monsoon start very soon and before you finish i am sure you will book ticket to Kochi to enjoy monsoon.

    I will upload more photographs from God’s own country ha ha.

    Nice one Rekha , i really really enjoying reading your blog.

    1. yes. i have read india in slow motion… even after 12 years here, there is no day when i don’t feel homesick… and thanks for your comment again… looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful photos!

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