To the pesky 25-year-old – Don’t call me maami… unless you are atleast 20 years younger (or you are related to me and respect the link we share!)

 To the new neighbour on the floor – I am not your Aunty! Did you take a good look at the mirror… You must be atleast 28. And no, I didn’t die of shock when you asked me, “Aunty, can I have two lemons!” I just wanted to smack your stupid face!

 To the gentleman on the phone – No, I will not carry your press releases… Unless you stop saying, ‘thank you, my dear’. I AM NOT YOUR DEAR!

 To the now 26-year-old, who started calling me Aunty when I got married and came to Oman 12 years ago – You can quit calling me aunty atleast now, especially when you continue to keep calling my husband, ‘anna’.







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