I have been guilty of…

Of judging people who did not speak good English (in my school days)

Of not learning to speak proper Malayalam (until I entered college!)

Of getting into hyper mode when a friend did not mail for a long time…

Of visiting umpteen numbers of parenting sites just because my son did not turn till he was six months old!

Being a prude… and shocked to see a few of my friends drinking or smoking! (this was until some 10 years ago when I finally grew up!)

Of putting things off until the last minute (especially during college. Now I’d like to think I’m a much more organised person.)

Always thinking that the worst will happen (the paranoia still continues!)

Taking household chores as they are… simply chores!

Being on the Internet late into the night, reading blogs and updating my status on Facebook.

Some things I’ve thought aloud but never mustered the courage to say:

“You in the group behind me! I paid to listen to Jagjit Singh…. not you crying ‘Yeh Kagaz Ki Kashti’ in your loud voices.”

“Yes, you may be a big celebrity… but you have no right to make us wait four hours for a measly half-hour interview!”

“You are the secretary. What makes you think that you are the boss?”

“No. You don’t have to pay anything to get written about. We like you enough!”

“You are the doctor. What happened to the Hippocrates oath?”

“What is the meaning of you, standing over my shoulder, reading my computer screen?”

“Yes, my son scored only 94 per cent. That’s all right! No. I don’t think he should get more! For God’s sake, he is only in the fifth. Go and watch 3 Idiots! You need the lessons, badly!”


7 thoughts on “Sach ka saamna…

  1. You said it Rekha. The big celebrity item reminds me one of my assignment I did last month of a CEO. He told me to come by 5-30pm sharp and i waited for him till 9-15pm. I always reach the spot 15 minutes before the scheduled time. It took only 10 minutes for the photo shoot but waited for 3hrs 45minutes ha ha.

    1. yes. siva, u r so right! sometimes a celebrity thinks because he is one, he has all the right in the world to make people wait! but we r journalists, so we grin and bear it!

  2. Straight from the heart I’d say! In fact I am still guilty (sometimes) of judging people who don’t speak good English 😦

    Also, made me smile as I read the second half… Are all journos doomed to endure such rot…and smile through it???

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