“There is a ‘lie’ in believe.” – Mrs Naomi, Grade VI, St Mary’s AIGHS, Fort Cochin

“Knock, Knock, who is there? It’s I! Then, you must be a bloody English grammar teacher!” – Mrs Sarojini, English Professor, Cochin College.

“Behna, tumhari har yaad basant mein khile hue har ful ki khushboo ki tarah hai!” – Raju bhaiya, the golden years in Nagpur.

“A sentence should not be more than seven to eight words. It should reach the reader straight without complicating his mind.” – Prasad Panicker, my ex-editor at Times of Oman.

“There’s nothing as exciting as doing a story… never mind the time, never mind the place! What matters is the interest.” – Adarsh Madhavan, ex-colleague at Times of Oman.

“Write a story as if you are writing for a television audience. Let it be straight, hard-hitting and direct!” – Clarence Rufin, ex-colleague at Times of Oman.


“Honesty, straight-forwardness, diligence and sincerity in doing the job.” – Best friend Mrudu.

“The value of childhood friendship…” – Rajee and Soumya.

“You don’t need a degree to learn journalism. Just have fun.” – The Mass Com gang, Sanjay Jog, Jyoti Arora, Sonali Tamhane and Tony Dickson.

“Friends are forever… friendships are forever… never mind the distance!” – Rajesh Vaidyanathan.


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